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Wellness Confidential

Apr 7, 2020

Jennifer Hollinshead is the Founder and Clinical Director of Peak Resilience, a leading intersectional feminist counseling practice. Jennifer has a unique perspective on what it means to be a female entrepreneur and build a practice from the ground up and is well-versed in all topics related to entrepreneurship, feminism, and mental health and wellbeing. Jennifer helps us understand why it’s so important to take a look and your own guilt to learn where it comes from and how to challenge guilt so that it’s not something that holds you back.  

In This Episode:

  • Learning about trauma-informed feminist therapy  
  • Reframing your self-care as part of your work & learning to take responsibility for how you treat yourself 
  • Acknowledging the various caregiver roles we all play and how that becomes a key source of stress in our lives
  • How setting boundaries is a key part of your self-care and in challenging your guilt

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